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Luminaires Testing at TACS Laboratories

TACS Laboratories recently added on to the scope, testing of luminaires.


We do testing of Luminairs such as:

  • Fixed general-purpose lights for indoor and outdoor use
  • Recessed Luminaires for indoor and outdoor use
  • Luminaires for Road and Street lighting
  • Portable general-purpose luminaires
  • Floodlights
  • Portable luminaires for garden use
  • Portable luminaires for children
  • Handlamps
  • Photo and film luminaires (Non-professional)
  • Aquarium luminaires
  • Mains socket-outlet mounted nightlights
  • Ground Recessed luminaires
  • Luminaires for stage lighting, television and film studios (Outdoor and Indoor)
  • Luminaires for swimming-pools and similar applications
  • Air-handling luminaires (safety requirements)
  • Lighting chains
  • Sealed lighting chains
  • Luminaires for emergency lighting
  • Luminaires with limited surface temperature

Type of Tests/Properties Measured, Range of Measurement on Luminaires include the following:

  • Luminaires classification and markings
  • Luminaires construction
  • Photobiological hazards (UV radiation and Retinal light hazard)
  • External and internal wiring of luminaires
  • Provision for earthing
  • Protection against electric shock
  • Resistance to dust, solid objects and moisture
  • Insulation resistance
  • Electric Strength
  • Touch current and Protective conductor current
  • Creepage distance and clearance
  • Endurance test and thermal test
  • Resistance to heat, fire and tracking
  • Terminals and electrical connections
  • Power factor tests
  • Photometric Measurements on SSL Products


Test Standards


IEC/SANS 60598-1 and all related part two’s, SANS 475, SANS 1464-22, IEC/SANS 60598-2-22, IEC/SANS 60529, VC8055, VC9012 etc.

Photometric Measurements inside the Sphere to generate the lumen output

Rain simulator. We are accredited to all the IP ratings (IPX1 and IPX2)

Photo Biological safety testing on the LED luminaires. Photobiological hazards (UV radiation and Retinal light hazard). Latest testing requirement in the LED standard

Cable Testing

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