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Household Accessories Testing at TACS Laboratories

At TACS we do testing according to SANS and IEC standards.


We do testing on household accessories such as:

  • Plugs, socket-outlets and adapters
  • Appliance Couplers
  • Cord Extension Sets
  • Ready Boards
  • Cord Sets
  • Switchers for Household and similar Fixed Electrical Installation
  • Switchers for Appliances
  • Terminal Blocks
  • etc.


Type of Tests/Properties Measured, Range of Measurement includes the following:

  • Classification, Ratings and Markings on Accessories
  • Checking of Dimensions and Compatibility
  • Protection against Electric Shock
  • Provision for Earthing
  • Terminals and Terminations
  • Interlocked Socket Outlets
  • Protection provided by enclosures
  • Operation on Earthing Contacts
  • Temperature Rise
  • Breaking Capacity
  • Normal Operation
  • Forces necessary to withdraw the Plug
  • Flexible Cable and their Connection
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Screw, Current Carrying Parts and Connections
  • Creepage Distances, Clearances and Distance through sealing compounds
  • Sleeves
  • Additional tests on Pins provided with Insulation
  • Degree of Protection
  • Salt Fog, Structural Strength, and Plug Extraction Test
  • Construction Requirements
  • Mechanisms
  • Resistance to Ageing, Humidity, Heat, Rusting, Moisture, Impact, Solvents and Corrosion
  • Test for Durability of Markings, for Conduct Fit, for damage to Conductors by Clamping means, for Firmness of Clamping, for Firmness of Attachment of a terminal block to its support, and for Voltage drop across Terminal Pairs
  • Insulation resistance and Dielectric Strength; Resistance of Insulation Materials to Abnormal Heat, fire and Tracking (Glow wire)


Test Standards

IEC/SANS 60884-1, IEC/SANS 60884-2-3; IEC/SANS 60884-2-5; IEC/SANS 60884-2-7; IEC/SANS 60320-1; IEC 60320-2-2; SANS 164-1 to SANS 164-6; SANS 1661; SANS 60669-1; SANS 1433; VC 8008; VC 8029; VC 8003; VC 8012; VC 8052 etc.

Image of tests being conducted at TACS laboratories
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Image of testing equipment being used at TACS laboratories
TACS laboratories of technician using test equipment
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