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Testing  And  Conformity  Services  Laboratories

ABOUT TACS Laboratories

TACS Laboratories is short for Testing And Conformity Services Laboratories.


We are an internationally accredited conformity testing and services laboratory in Wynberg Gauteng, South Africa.


TACS has been given formal recognition by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) as a testing laboratory that TACS Laboratory is competent to carry out Electrical Performance Testing services with regards to ISO/IEC 17025.


Products tested:


Household Accessories such as:

Plugs, socket-outlets and adapters; Appliance Couplers; Cord Extension Sets; Ready Boards; Cord Sets; Switchers for Household and similar Fixed Electrical Installation, Switchers for Appliances; Terminal Blocks etc.


Power Cables such as:

Cabtyre, House Wire, Twin + Earth, Suffix, LV PVC Distribution cables, LV XLPE Distribution cables, Overhead Aerial Bundle Conductors, LV Trailing Cables, Physical testing of MV and HV XLPE and PILC Cables etc.


Overhead Conductors such as:

ACSR, Copper Conductors and Aluminium Conductors


We do testing according to SANS, IEC and BS standards.


We use top quality machines and instruments with latest technologies to conduct tests.


TACS Laboratories testing personnel are expertly trained and have more than 30 years combined experience within these fields.


At TACS we endeavour to keep up with the latest international industry standards and regulations.

Image of technicians testing at TACS laboratories
Image of technicians testing at TACS laboratories
Image of technicians at TACS laboratories
Image of technician using test equipment at TACS laboratories

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